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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry: industry transfer trend is especially striking

2013/12/12      view:

The basic conclusion

A, aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry chain transfer created a huge high-end market demand, import substitution industry transfer trend of high-end market.

Industry chain competition: Japanese companies dominate the high-end market: 1, Japan's leading high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor used in industry market, NCC, Nichicon and Rubycon global top three, accounting for 53%;2, Japan is the world's leading producer in high-end electrode foil, JCC and KDK occupy the top two;3, Japan's electronic aluminum foil technology and production was ranked among the top of the world, especially in high voltage electron aluminum foil, Japan or the largest global high purity aluminum production and segregation law aluminum technology the most advanced country;4, Japanese electrolytic paper and leading global chemical technology and output capacitor, NKK, electrolytic paper all over the world more than sixty percent market share and fifty percent market share in China, toyama pharmaceutical chemicals 20% market share of global capacitor.

Development trend of the industrial chain, the domestic industry transfer conditions are: 1, the downstream aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturing shift to China drive localization of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry;2, our country in power, labor, cost advantages in aspects of resources, as well as the continuing rise in the yen to accelerate the global aluminum electrolytic capacitor the pace of industrial transfer to China.3, the Japanese earthquake will accelerate the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry transfer, the lack of electricity and radiation influence short-term difficult to eliminate, downstream vendors to speed up the certification of our domestic enterprises.

Industrial chain status: domestic high-end market for import substitution: 1, the domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor of import substitution, trade deficit with China is on the decline, jianghai shares have been among the world's leading high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor suppliers;2, our country has been able to produce high-end corrosion foil and foil, the end of the long-term dependence on import, the east sunshine aluminum, jianghai shares into foil technology has reached the international first-class;3, the domestic electronic industry development to promote the domestic electronic aluminum foil and the localization process of the high purity aluminum;4, our country represented by Kane shares, the new main states of electrolytic paper and constantly improve the technology and scale of capacitance chemical manufacturers, become the main domestic suppliers, Japanese manufacturers of domestic market share decline gradually.

Second, the domestic energy-saving inverter and new energy industry development has created a new demand, a large number of high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor will form a local boom in high-end market.

Field of high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor is focus on the future domestic market growth: 1, along with the upgrading of consumer electronics and industrial demand electrolytic capacitor, with the rapid development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry future development will be mainly concentrated in the industrial type of aluminum electrolytic capacitor and high-end consumer aluminum electrolytic capacitor;2, high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor high technical content, strict quality requirements, market admittance threshold is high, the profit level is high, the competition situation is much better than that of low-end market.

Domestic energy conservation of frequency conversion and the new energy industry development to create a large number of high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor new requirements: 1, energy saving frequency conversion heavily promoted, frequency converter is an important application field of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the next 10 grow by more than 20% every year, potential market size of 10 billion yuan.2, wind power and photovoltaic development will speed up after the earthquake in Japan, aluminum electrolytic capacitor is one of the important components inverter, transformer and other modules, in the next few years will increase by 38%, to 2015 the size of the market is expected to be up to 5.5 billion yuan;3, the development of domestic electric and hybrid cars is expected to bring 1.5 billion yuan in 2015 aluminum electrolytic capacitor market;4, "twelfth five-year" China's investment in high-speed rail, rail transportation and the smart grid is big, the market is expected to bring billions of aluminum electrolytic capacitor.